Getting to the Equilibrium
Getting to Equilibrium

The bulk of stuff on ERPZ seems to have a special emphasis on Economics; in many sense it is because economics is related to so many things in the modern day life we live. Economics is evidently my favourite subject, as I wrote in my UCAS personal statement (for LSE):

“I was attracted to every discipline I was exposed to, whether it was Socrates’ Moral Philosophy, Newtonian Physics and its implications on Determinism or the wonders of Quantum Tunneling. Yet Economics, with its all-pervading nature grounded upon questions of morals and justice, intertwined with the rigour of logical computations and equilibrium derivations stands out as a subject that seeks answers to the wide array of questions I have about the world.” – UCAS Personal Statement, Apply 2009

I’ve written an Economics Essay Guide for A Level students. And Zhuoyi from Fiveless kindly allowed me to consolidate, update and abridge his comprehensive set of Economics notes, resulting in a set of 40-page H2 Economics notes that covers (almost) all the topics of the subject under A Levels.

Power Packs
Economics Essay Guide – An essay guide carefully prepared and tailored to A Levels Economics students by Kevin
Macroeconomics Summary – A wonderful set of notes on Macroeconomics by Calvin Wong
H2 Economics Notes – Consolidation of Economics notes and Cheat Sheets from Fiveless by Zhuoyi
Terms & Definitions for H2 Economics – Glossary compiled by Wei Seng

From Fiveless
If you prefer to have Zhuoyi’s Original set of notes, I’ve carefully compiled the links from his site to the individual files and sorted them nicely according to the standard progression of topics.

Microeconomics Notes
Resource Allocation
Firms and How They Operate
Market Failure and Government Intervention

Macroeconomics Notes
Macroeconomics, Aims and Issues
Budget & Fiscal Policy
Singapore Economy Overview

Macroeconomics Cheat Sheets
Economic Growth
Balance of Payments

I have also compiled an example of how one should conduct everyday reading to help one seek economics concepts in our daily lives and the things we get to learn about.

Read & Answer The Economist – A series of article links from The Economist with questions to think about.

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